Breaking our own patterns

Breaking our own patterns can make us feel we are vulnerable not knowing how to behave. It can be frightening to realized when we are living for so long with anger, resentment or jealousy in our hearts that space becomes empty and dark and we can feel something is missing.

We might want to run back to our old habits or we might step forward by adding a new pattern. It might take time to adjust to a new life. Reminding ourselves we are the shining stars that are rising in the night sky. We are beautiful spirits that have to go through our personal transformation. Opening our hearts to let our spirit be free.

We also need to remind ourselves we are amazing souls, being capable of creating the magic we need to transform our world. We are not alone but surrounded by an entire team that will help us to elevate ourselves and frequency for us to connect with the universe.

We have the touch of love and healing, learning to make peace with our outer condition to become our true self. What a journey, what an experience when we are willing to take on that journey with an open and happy heart.

We are the co-creators, the wonders of the world, we are magical spirits that can unleash the best for our highest good. We are student of lives, learning to peel each layer of our own spirit to discover who we truly are.

It is a journey of a lifetime; most people will not come to the realization we are going to learn until our last breath. We have what it takes to become the master of our own destiny, the tools we need are in our core. We do not need to try to seek it outside of us. Instead, we should be listening to that little voice that is trying to guide us.