My own spirit

My inspiration comes from a place of peace and love. It comes from my spirit, a place of unconditional love. If the world of wonders is available for us why not work with it? When you are becoming a co-creator with the universe you are learning to become part of the winning team!

Keeping our minds open to infinite possibilities. Learning to walk into the unknown, becoming the observer in our own life when it is time for us to assess where we are. Living an authentic life requires us to be grounded and honest with our own self.

Taking a full inventory of where we are right now. Asking the right questions is essential but also answering them with our spirit. Not letting our ego take over our path, our life. We are the magician the alchemist we have what it takes to become the master of our own destiny.

Being inspired is being curious, learning to let our imagination wander. When you are open to listening to what your spirit has to share with you, you are walking on the right path, however; our outer condition can throw a curb into our journey.

It is harder and even challenging when things are not working the way we were hoping. We have to become our own trailblazer, learning to push beyond the limits.  As we been moving forward in our journey so are our hopes and dream.

We can transcend our lives for our highest good and the highest good of everyone. Leaning on the support of the universe, becoming the majestic spirits we are meant to be. Learning to love and accept who we are, having the courage to change and reinvent ourselves along our journey.

We are living a life of a thousand as we are unique and beautiful spirits.