The pups universe 2

As I am watching the pups sleeping, Miss Dottie is even smiling in her sleep! It has been the first huge storm of the season so for this I took them outside with their ten-foot-long lead.

This became the most hilarious moment of the season. Miss Dot went wild and when I say wild, she started to race around me like a nascar car that will do laps around the track. She was running so fast even Mac could not keep up with her.

She was in need to let her energy out and what a magnificent sight it was! I know this girl has the energy, speed and endurance to run for a long time. She was just magnificent jumping over Mac while the poor pup could not keep up with her.

After her initial warm up she went for the smack down of the year! Taking Mac by his back legs and taking him down on the fluffy snow! We stayed outside for over 45 minutes getting both of them tired. It was fun and hilarious to see them acting up!

They finally came back inside. Both of them were exhausted from their escapades and finally crashed one on the ottoman and the other in Malou’s room.

We did however, go outside a second time when Miss Dot restarted to go crazy on the snow. Nothing is more fun than watching them having so much energy and being able to let them lose on their own time!

Feeling the universe has put each other on our own path has been a blessing to have them bolting into my life. Miss Dot has come out of her shell and She is just a little bug of love. She had the privilege to have some Reiki done on her. It helped her to let some of her anxiety and pain melt away.