We are the rising stars

Becoming the rising stars is to be opened to let the universe into our lives. Surprisingly enough, you will be when you see what the miracles ‘perfect synchronicity can do for us. It is an amazing journey we are embarking on when we are walking on our own path.

As we are moving forward with our lives, we can learn to know who we truly are by experiencing new adventures. Even if the roads we have taken are not for our highest good or even if we have taken the wrong detour, we do not have to feel like we are a failure instead it is an opportunity to learn about the pearl that is being revealed to us. By stepping back, we can see the bigger picture but also letting the universe guide us back.

We do not have to control everything in our lives, trying to micromanage it would be an unfolding disaster. Learning to relinquish it and send it to the universe will enable us to have the best outcome we could ever imagine.

From searching for a new job, or for a mate we have to be able to open our minds and let our intent lead our lives. Living our life through our spirit opens the doors to infinite possibilities. Facing our obstacles and life lessons is the most beautiful testament we could do for ourselves.

Keeping an open mind and heart helps us to become who we are meant to be. We are always a story in motion we can attract the right flow in our lives when we keep our spirit leading our lives. Regardless of our outer condition we can improve it by keeping faith in our heart.

We are the most beautiful shining light that will always find its way back home. We might feel lost at times but when we keep our faith and beliefs everything will be alright, we are keeping our thoughts and elevating our energies.