The lives of a thousands

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everything we wished for would come true?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our lives were a fairytale movie? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the world we are living in would be easy? Have we ever thought of changing our lives or becoming someone else?

Are we ever wished our lives would be different, and our experiences would be easier? These are great thoughts and wishes but in reality, we are not quite there yet! We might feel, at times, it is not a fair life we are living in.

We need to remind ourselves we are unique; our path is the path of a thousand lives. We are here to learn to grow and mature. Learning to transmute ourselves to create the world we would like to live in. We are faced on a daily basis by the challenges of our own journey.

Becoming the master of our own destiny requires us to step into the unknown. Becoming flexible when the world is upside down. Being opened to let our spirit guide us in our journey. Not worrying about tomorrow but being focused in the moment.

Life has so much more to teach us, learning to let our ego sleep while our spirit is in the driver’s seat. Learning to stay grounded in our lives, welcoming the changes as an interesting twist in our lives. Acknowledging what we can change, learning to become flexible in times of challenges.

We are able to navigate the raging river that is our lives. We are able to open up our mind to receive the bounties the universe has for us. We are the creators, the ambassador of our spirit, we are the magicians and alchemists.

We are open to live our lives to the fullest when we are willing to go into the unknown.