The pups universe

Those funny pups, they finally got their first dental! While they were at the vet it was a nice time away from the daily madness of the household! Their second mama Miss Mollie was more than happy to watch over them while at the vet.

When I came and picked them up, I thought they would be tired from the procedures. But instead, I saw two overly hyper pups. It was a hoot to see them, while Mac went into the car first, we tried to get Miss Dottie to do the same, but I wasn’t counting on Mac bolting from the car again.

Mollie, like a good linebacker, tackled the boy! We finally got both of them in the car. As I was speaking with Mollie, Mac decided to attempt to be on the driver seats. It was hilarious to see both of them so hyper.

At home they were running around the house until it was time to give them food. They finally crashed later on. The next day was a little quieter while we were walking with them, we focused on the training part of it.

I am continuing to train them on a daily basis to walk by my side instead of pulling on the lead. Also, we are making good progress it doesn’t stop them to go a little crazy when they are sensing the snow is coming. This is where all bets are off! Everything they have learned will be thrown out the window and the naughty side of them will come out.

From chasing each other like a good WWE championship match to running after anything that would fly or run! It is becoming the Olympic Games and you are the one trying to keep everything together! Even thinking what in the world is going on, amazingly you realize this is what you have to deal with! So help me God!