Opening ourselves

Transforming our lives is to be opened to accept the changes we need to make in our lives. We cannot change our outer condition if we are not going through transformation. We are a story in motion, we are here to enable the better side of our own self.

We are the co-creators, the grown breaking magician that can elevate ourselves to a better life. We are the master painter that will create the most beautiful masterpiece that is our next experience. Living a life of a thousand is to be able to reinvent ourselves.

With the right intent that is for our highest good and the highest good of everyone we can bring to fruition our wildest dreams. We can learn to co-create with the universe a world of wonders. With an open mind we can let perfect synchronicity works its magic!

It is an amazing story to share with the world, we are the rising stars. Becoming mindful of our environment including our loved ones is essential. Keeping ourselves grounded and filled with love and peace.

Reminding ourselves to stay humble in our lives. We have so much more to offer when we are at peace. Love is a wonderful healer and antidote that will heal us. We are the wonders of the world, the students of life that are on a mission to know our spirit.

Having faced challenges and obstacles we are learning to lean on the universe to help us in our journey. The life we are living is an amazing journey of transformation. We have the capabilities to overcome our own challenges.

We are transforming and transmuting our lives, bringing new energies into our bodies. We have what it takes to rise above the negativity. Letting our own imagination creating our next experience! We are all a story in motion that can reinvent ourselves at any given time!