Grounding our lives

I love spending time with my pups but also taking the time to walk outside. It is grounding and refreshing to be outside. We are spending so much time running around, like we are racing for our lives that we are forgetting to slow down. How often have we crashed on the sofa in the evening exhausted by a life in the fast lane?

Learning to ground ourselves is essential, it keeps our spirit grounded. We cannot continue to be in the fast lane at all times. Our bodies need to rest. Pushing it constantly beyond the limits depletes ourselves of our energies.

Make a weekly “me time” helps us to go back to basics. We have so much more to overcome when we are willing to open ourselves up and become accountable for ourself. We cannot help or become the better part of us until we are true to ourselves.

We are the wonders of the world when we are able to overcome everything by keeping focused on our happy ending. We can achieve so much more.  You would be surprising by how much resilience you have in you when you are facing the life we have.

It is not an easy journey, but it is a journey that is worth taking. Keeping our energy elevated requires us to do a self-inventory of our own patterns and thoughts. We are the master of our own destiny; we have what it takes to walk on our own path.

It is an amazing journey for us to go through the growth and maturity of our own spirit. Living the life of a thousand is to be able to embrace every side of our own spirit. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is learning to let go of the past and embrace our own spirit. Becoming the calm and peaceful in our own body.