The Saga of the Pups continues

The saga of the pups is a story in motion. I went shopping for groceries and when I passed by the pet area, I spied eyes something cute, a pull over for dogs. One of them was title “Boss Lady”.

I could not resist and got one for Miss Dottie. When I came home, I went and made her wear it. I was expecting her to have a fit but instead she was ok with it. However, Mac decided to go after her sweater! I had to separate them so he would not stretch it out!!  

Afterward, we went for a walk and she did amazingly, since it was starting to be bitter outside and her skin coat is thinner than Mac’s she gets colder. We had a great walk, when we came back home, I removed her new sweater, and her body temp was warm!

It was the best purchase I have made for her. I now might want to buy one for Mac just because. His coat is so thick he doesn’t need it but since she is going high fashion why not do it??? Also, I noticed the pups are even better weatherman then anyone.

We took a walk a couple of days ago and while we were on our path the pups were acting up. I did make a statement that it is going to snow. My companion decided to check his phone and noted it was not going to snow. Couple of hours later I was looking at the deck when I noticed the snow was falling. I smiled and pointed out the snow.

Animals are more in tune with Mother Nature than a doppler radar.  If you are watching your animals closely you will realize their actions, from being sleepy to wild, is not only based on their moods but what they are sensing around them.