My own opinions

The finesse of mediation is to be able to listen everyone. This can be used in our daily lives as well. How often have you closed your mind when someone was speaking out? How often have you felt upset when someone was not agreeing with you?

At times we have to learn to go with the flow which means even if we do not agree we might take the time to hear what they have to say. I always state before I speak with people, we can agree to disagree but at least we can take the time to hear each other.

When we can step back and become an observer, we can have a different viewpoint. It doesn’t mean it will change what we believed but it will open our minds so we can see everyone and be able to hear each other.

We might have some strong feelings about a topic but while we are going through our lives this point of view can change. You would be surprised to discover after you have gone through your journey that not everything will stay the way it is.

We are transforming ourselves every day, when you are on the mission to course correct your life you are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. We are the magician the alchemist that can alter the course of our lives.

We have the opportunity to do it at any given time. We are the wonders, the co-creators, we can let our dreams changes our lives! The magic we can unleash comes from a place of love and peace from our spirit.

We are able to become the better part of us, we are here to enjoy our lives but also overcome our obstacles. We can learn to live in harmony when we realize we are all entitled to our own thoughts and opinions.