Learning to balance our lives

What challenges and success means for some people? If you are failing at work or in your life, then you might feel like the world is against you. Or in the eyes of others, you are just a loser, when in fact you are not. When we are on our journey, we might take a few detours that will teach us the life lessons we need to learn.

Those “badge of honors” helps us to move on in our lives but also develop our wisdom. We cannot grow and mature without it. It would be great if we could avoid those life lessons but like the creator of the WD40 it took him 39 attempts to finally find the right formula, his resilience and determination was the essential driver in his quest.

If we approach life the same, it would be easier on us, not feeling we are failing at every corner in our lives but instead we are opening ourselves to different avenues that will lead us to the right ending. These are moments when we can learn by listening to our spirit.

Sometimes we do not see what is in the front of us because we are so blindsided by our ego, we are actually not seeing the path the universe has chosen for us. Becoming the better part of us is to recognize when we are at an impasse.

We might feel like we need to go backwards to finally move forward. This is a dance we have to do on our journey. It is not a straight line we have in front of us, it is a maze that is waiting for us to make the first move.

We are living a human experience; this is the hardest thing we all are going through. Learning to feel, to love, to be present in our lives. We are the wonders of the world but also the spirit that is living inside our heart.

We must learn to combine both and make it the best we can. We, at times, are making decisions based on what we knew at that time. Those are moments of reflection that will make us understand we are not superhuman we are just us.

Let us embrace our human side and learn to forgive ourselves and ensure we are not repeating our own history but instead create a new one.