Our challenges part2

The most challenging things in our lives is to stay in the present moment. Trying to control our thoughts so we do not project too far into the future. Letting everything around us sink in, from a crazy day at the office or home office to spending some true quality time with our mate.

We can learn, that sometimes sitting down in a quiet room and taking inventory of what we have in our lives and counting our blessings even if they are small (such as having someone smile at us), will empower us to stay in the moment.

We all have a tendency to want to be in tomorrow, but somehow the universe is going to reminder us that we have to say put and do a small inventory of where we are while we are waiting for the universe to open the doors of opportunity.

Learning to stay patient, not feeling we are running out of time but “au contraire” feeling we are where we need to be at this point in time and space. Appreciating who surrounds us, like, for example, our mates, taking the time to be present for them.

When we are opening our eyes and looking at our surroundings, we can finally see the details of the room we are in but also the people that are around us. Often, we ignore our surroundings because we are focused on our schedule or social media.

Wanting some excitement and being under the pressure of a job that is too demanding but having forgotten to set our own boundaries so we could manage our lives in a better way. Even this pandemic has brought some good things for some of us.

Reconnecting with our loved ones, making the time to catch up with our home projects. Learning to connect in a different way with people. Keeping a mindful and thankful thoughts to people that provide us with the essentials for our lives.

Realizing at the end of the day we cannot do it alone; we are all in this together.