Being patient on our path

Being patient in our lives is challenging enough on a daily basis but when the universe is not quite ready for us it can become the biggest challenge we might be facing.  From continuing to learn while we are waiting for the doors of opportunity to open wide.

We are here to remind ourselves we can make it; the universe has our back. Regardless of what we are facing, we need to keep our positive mind set going. Not going into the rabbit hole of negativity. Having to face our own life challenges is enough but when we have to deal with our outer condition on the top of it.

It can be debilitating to keep ourselves grounded. We can learn to refocus our thoughts and energies toward something more productive, and by keeping ourselves busy we can continue moving forward not feeling we are stuck in the same place.

Keeping our imagination going, letting our imagination guide us on our journey is essential to finally overcoming the obstacles we might be facing. We are the magicians the co-creators that can continue to infuse our lives with the right changes.

We are not alone on our journey; with the support of the universe, we can shift the path we are on. I am not where I am today because I listened to people around me or believed my outer conditions were permanent.

I pushed myself beyond any limits the illusional world of the ego tried to do. I have not welcomed the negativity of people or even agreed with what was not for my highest good. I did not decide to give up on my dreams because I could not see anything coming in the future.

Instead, I have continued to preserve in my journey, having faith and belief that everything will unfold the way I wished or even better. I have leaned on the wisdom of the universe to guide me