Staying grounded

What a challenging year it has been, from a virus that has spread around the world, to uprisings and civil disobedience and seeing the collective taking form. We can feel, see and hear too much, being bombarded with media that drags us into a rabbit hole. Making our stress level higher and more overwhelming then we wished for.

This is why, we have to learn to step back and go back to basics. From turning our TV and phones off, to taking a walk on a trail or doing some yoga to ground ourselves. When we are leaning to distance ourselves from the drama the world has generated, we can start eliminating some of the anxiety and stress we have.

When you are learning to create what I call a cocoon at home you are learning to protect your home by keeping only positivity and peace inside.  Learning about our triggers when you spent a full day handling issues at work. We need to learn to not bring it home with us and release our stress on our family.

Instead we should learn to change our approach by checking during the day how we are feeling. Are we grounded, are we peaceful, do we feel our stress level is higher than it should be? Finding a new way to release the anxiety we are being subject to on a daily basis.

We are students of life but also have to know about our own self.  How often have you gotten angry because someone pushed your buttons? Instead of stopping yourself in your tracks and minimizing the real or imaged hurt you felt, you got going and wasted so much energy on a matter that could have been avoided  if you had recognized the signs.

People do realize we should explore our own self and find out who we truly are. What makes us tick and what makes us laugh. What we are willing to live with and what we should not be willing to continue to deal with.