The little pups

As I am watching my little pups peacefully sleeping, it has been a fun afternoon. Mister Mac decided to have too much fun by launching on his lead until he tried to get Miss Dot all excited. Which she did by chasing after him and then, like a pro, WWE took him down.

You would think Mac was going to learn his lesson and walk away, but oh no! He had to continue to push her a few more times and each time he had to deal with her ready to rubble attitude. She did it every time, I had to split them a couple of times, even though I was laughing.

She found a way to pin him down and he couldn’t get out of it. With a little help from Mama he was able to recover, then getting down again, trying to dominate her. Which, again, doesn’t work but at least it was entertaining.

It was a great walk for sure, as the weather is changing, I am sure there is more to come. There is no dull moment in the life of those two pups. Every day is an adventure, even now, as I am trying to type on my computer.

Mac is sitting across my lap trying to stop me from working on my computer as he is trying to get my attention. But again, this little brat will not give up until he gets what he wants. Only miss Dottie can challenge him.

We have too much joy in our little world, time is precious when you are being present in your life. Taking into perspective everything and being humbled and blessed.

Raising those two little ones has been an adventure as they are now settling into their lives. They have blossomed and we can see both personalities coming through. They are still glued to my hips, but it has been rewarding to see them coming out of their shell.