The little pups saga

What a great day with the pups, like I said before, another day full of adventure. From a brisk walk this morning with the pups to an afternoon delight. It has been a full day with many surprises, Mac, who doesn’t like to walk much around, decided to do a long walk this afternoon.

To my surprise we took a different path with Mac leading the walk. I asked him a few times if wanted to turn around and go home instead he looked at me with a determined look in his eyes. Telling me “we are keeping on walking mama”! So, we did about 5 miles with Miss Dottie jumping everywhere, checking the scents, it was great!

They had a little treat about three-fourths into the walk to let them know they were doing very well. We came back home happy and ready for dinner. They finally relaxed and enjoyed their down time. It was a great day and great afternoon.

These guys are enjoying each day, from cuddling near me or chasing each other in the house, learning to slide on the new flooring while chasing each other. From Dottie taking Mac’s toys away, to starting a full dog stand off in the living room.

I’ve had a lot of laughs lately with them, it has been a great ride seeing them growing up and settling in to becoming happy puppies. I absolutely love them dearly; it doesn’t mean every day is that easy but then you are learning more about their temperament and mine.

I can adjust my schedule to match theirs but also learning to adapt to the weather that can influence those two little pups. It is always fun to see them acting up especially when snow is coming our way. They are just a bundle of joy that I will not trade for anything in the world. I am glad they have come into my life.