Walking back to memory land

I am going back to memory land thanks to some of the free TV channels. I am watching Starsky & Hutch, it was a great TV show that came over to Europe and took it by storm. I remember it used to be on TV on Sundays.

My mom would have everyone quiet so she could watch Paul Michael Glaser since it was the one, she loved the most or should I say she had a crush on him. It also transported me to a land I felt was home, it was a great one-hour escape from the world I was living in.

So today is a treat day, letting this play in the background and enjoying the English version of the show. It still is a show that is still current even though the outfits are outdated for sure. But it still Is a show that brings me back.

It was fun to watch it while Mr Mac is near my feet sleeping and Miss Dottie is by my side sleeping while I am writing this blog. Life has a way to bring us back to a time and space that can bring good or bad memories.

But the shows on TV will always impact us in a way that four decades later on will still bring a smile to our face. We can always share them with our kids even if they can feel they are outdated.  It can be a great piece of conversation.

The story line has not changed much in years, we are still dealing with the same issues but also, we can see those shows that are the precursor for the shows we are seeing right now. Walking back to memory land is a good thing once in awhile, as long as we are not camping there forever.