Harvesting our own dreams

Breaking the barriers that keep us closed off from the world, being open to showing our true colors. Falling in love with our own self with our spirit. Being willing to transform our lives to become the phoenix rising from its own ashes.

We have so much more to become when we are willing to go into the unknown. It is scary, I must say, and I would be lying if I was telling everyone it is a walk in the park. If you have listened to the collaboration podcasts, I did with Ross that our path has to be madness for us.

Thinking we lost our brains when we decided to leave our own countries to get where we needed to be. Taking no prisoners along the path. Just keeping our faith going strong so we can live the life we always wanted.

It takes courage to do that, but it is so worth it. People are afraid when their ego is leading their lives but when you tune to your spirit you are learning to have faith. Believing in yourself will lead to you being challenge.

Yes, you have to be honest. It might not be a walk in the park but when you learn, during that process to lean on the universe, knowing deep inside of you, you are protected along the path, learning to listen to your inner voice.  It is the voice of your spirit that will guide you to safety. Facing the unknown is scary because you do not have control of your outer condition. Instead you have to roll up your sleeves and work. Unfortunately, most people these days are thinking everything will drop into their lap just like that, but also right away!!!!

I have bad news for them. It doesn’t happen that way. Instead you are going to have to do the work to finally harvest what you have planted. Like a farmer planting seeds to care for and tend and to finally see them growing and ready to be harvested.