My inspiration

Being grounded and poised in our lives is when you feel your spirit is in your body. Not feeling we are being pulled in so many directions at the same time. Instead we need to learn to mediate and becoming whole again.

Amazingly we can do that when we are willing to go on the journey of transformation. We have so much more to gain when we are willing to change our patterns. As we are growing up, we are exposed to the outer condition we cannot change.

We also have to realized that those patterns we have learned as a child or teenagers are not set to be our own. We can learn to change them but in order to do that we need to be aware of them. As a young child I had to deal with violence because it was the norm. A child could be beat up by their parents as they see fit.

It was a different world that impacted us, in order to stop that I had to realized it wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t part of who I was, it wasn’t my world. I was able to make that distinction even though I was helpless because I was too young.

I knew it was not the life I wanted to be living in. I did not want to make the same mistake of my parents. I wanted to stop the patterns to finally know what love and peace was. It took years for me to finally reach my happy ending, but it was that journey of transformation that gave the opportunity to finally live my dreams.

Becoming my own trailblazer wasn’t enough, I had a life purpose, a mission to accomplish. I knew I was destined to something different. My life wasn’t to settle down at 25, being married with children and a house with a white picket fence.

It was a world of chaos; it was going through darkness to help others. It was seeing being the world we are living in. It was staying connected with the universe, forming that strong bond that will close the bridge between this world and the universe.

Living a life that was supposed to be mine, walking away from a world that wasn’t mine to finally embrace my spirit.