We are the trailblazers

We are so much more then the eye can see; we are the trailblazers the alchemist that can course correct our lives. Living our lives to the fullest is being able to move forward into the unknown. I had a great podcast interview today with someone that I truly appreciate and enjoyed listening to his podcast. I am speaking about Ross Swan.

I had the pleasure to record this episode last month and will be playing it by Thanksgiving. It was great to listen to and get some insight from Ross on how he became a coach. It is also inspiring to follow in our own footsteps.

We do not have to become someone else but instead by going into the unknown we are discovering our life purpose. Staying authentic and true to ourselves can be challenging especially when you lead by your ego.

Coming to the realization you are on the wrong track or you are not happy where you are, can make a huge impact and even turn your life around. It takes courage to stand in the room and apologize to people. It takes guts to finally change our patterns.

When you are actually supported by and provided with the right people to help you like Ross it can always get better. But you need to be open to listen and hear what that person has to say. Again, easier said then done!

Life always taught us lessons we might not want to deal with but at the end there are so many rewards when you get your “ha ha” moment. When you finally got that little voice in your head telling you “you got it”.

Life is full of challenges but being open to listen is a gift.  Also, not everyone can afford a coach but there are solutions to that as well. When you have the opportunity to work with someone like Ross you can feel blessed and lucky at the same time as you go through the process of transformation. You also can go to the link to access his online module so you can use it to live your life for the better