The pup’s life

The saga of the pups, with more fun to come, this has become the best show I have had in years. From Dottie, who is learning on her own to try to taste human food that is placed on the table for dinner. To Mac who has torn apart his baby, has been interesting. Especially when he is taking a walk with half of the baby. They are both learning to go crazy al little more by running a race in the house.

With the new flooring it has become more like an ice-skating show during a freestyle event. You could see Miss Dottie sliding, coming straight behind Mac and taking him down like the WWE championship. It is funny to use the measuring laser and get them to chase after it. Running from one side of the house to the house.

While Mac Is realizing I am holding the laser in my hand he will try to catch the device at the same time. It is hilarious to watch this show. Both of them are hilarious.  Not every day is the same, but we are all having Just too much fun.

This helps me to stay grounded, enjoying the fun times we have. It goes the same with the walk, those pups are as funny as can be. No walk is the same. From Mac having his tantrum to Dottie hunting the ever-elusive coyotes. 

We are having a blast while we can before the cold and the ice comes to remind us winter is here. These two pups are the most loving little bugs I have seen. They are always watching over each other even though at times they will argue like kids.

It is an amazing journey to see them growing and become the beautiful pups they are. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it.  It is rewarding to see that everything we have done has paid off.