Facing our challenges

Facing our challenges from a loss of a job or hope to find our way back home to our spirit. We have a lot to feel when we are being pushed around a little too much. But when you finally understanding that in order to change our lives we have to be in the unknown,

We are starting to realize, yes, it is going to be crazy, mind blowing, unstable, and unpredictable for a while but it is all worth it. In this time of uncertainty what keeps us going is our faith, knowing deep in us that we are going to reach the other side. We are going to succeed and grow during this process. We are going to move forward and surprise our own self.

Taking a full inventory when we are done of what has gone right and what we had to let go of.  It might be crazy at first, but it is so true when you are open to finally let go of what is not for your highest good. It might be difficult at times when we are faced with life changing situations.

But when we willing to go through the grueling process you are like a butterfly breaking from the chrysalis. We are freeing ourselves, transforming us to look even better. We are able to go through transformation that will make us become the better part of us.

We are the light, the inspiration.  We can transform the life of our loved ones and even inspire others to do the same. Becoming the master of our own destiny, this is what we are all inspired to do. Not feeling we are not worthy but instead lighting up the fire in us to continue to push forward.

Transforming our lives for the better and staying connected with the universe to be able to co-create a world of wonders for ourselves.