The universe timing

Finding our voices when we are experiencing challenging life lessons from growing up in a violent family, to losing your house or being layoff from a job. These kinds of situations help us to grow through pain and sorrow. But it also helps us to become the spirit we are meant to become.

Not losing faith in our lives during the time of hardship. Being able to learn to become our own warrior but also keep our humanity alive. It is extremely challenging when you are faced by too many obstacles at once like the universe has thrown at you the entire “enchilada”!

When you are staying grounded you can continue your journey with extra help from the universe. When people are entering our lives for the right reason, you are amazed when you are starting to open up to tell your story, you are actually being heard.

You are realizing you are not feeling alone but instead you are starting to let people into your life. Feeling you are supported in your journey. It might take years before you are meeting the right person, but it is worth it when that person shows up on your doorsteps and knocks at your door.

Wanting our happy ending is for all of us to have it, not the few chosen ones. We are all here to learn to love and be loved. We can feel, at times, we are not worthy of it or we are chasing after love in the wrong places.

When you are learning to step back and do a full inventory of your life so you can leave room to receive the love. You are going to be amazed at the people that will enter your life. Again, as a reminder it is not on our own timing but the timing of the universe.