The amazing journey

The bounds we are creating with people that surround us are amazing. From a mate that will drop into our lives unexpectedly, to a new person walking into our circle of light. We are going to be amazed by what the universe has in reserve for us.

As the universe brings all of us into each other’s lives, we are learning to recognize our spirits, knowing we are finally seeing each other again. Bringing joy and love into our hearts, letting us know the hard days are over.

When we finally are done facing our lives’ lessons our path is getting easier, welcoming people in our journey embracing each other’s like we just have seen each other the day before. It is a great communion to find each spirit back! A welcome home kind of party that tells us we are now close to a new experience that is waiting for us to start.

It is a coming back home that is the most exciting part of it. We do not need to speak much just being in the presence of each other raises our vibrations. Bringing more positivity into our lives and surroundings. We are grounded and at home.

Feeling the love and connection of the universe becoming stronger. Knowing we have so many possibilities and opportunities in front of us. We are in the flow of co-creation, ready to continue our journey surrounded by our loved ones and the universe.

Not feeling alone anymore but with a group of likeminded and thoughtful people. We feel like we are walking on cloud nine. As we are smiling and finally relaxing as we are taking our next step into transforming our lives for the better.

Being able to hear the messages of the universe and making the right decisions for our highest good. Feeling in perfect synchronicity with the world. Understanding we are not alone in our journey but surrounded by the circle of light that will enable us to become the beautiful spirit we truly are.