Transforming our lives

Going through transformations in our lives is to be able to go back to our own life and do a true inventory. An inventory of where we are, who do we have in our lives, what is missing and what is not necessary to continue to have.

Ending relationships that are too toxic or have run their course. Being able to open our eyes and see what is in front of us. it is not easy to go through the process of healing after we have experienced traumatic events. As small or as big as these events have been, we have to learn to heal, letting go of past resentments we have built up through the years.

It is a grueling process to go through it but when we are doing it, it liberates us of the past so we can have the space to welcome a new story into our lives. Changing our patterns to finally break away from the spiral that has been part of our lives.

We have so much more to welcome into our lives when we are walking away from the life, we have been experiencing that is not for us.  We can be inspired by others transforming their path for the better.

We all are changing and moving into a new space, a new experience. We can fulfill the love and peace in our heart when we are ready to embrace the unknown. Going on our own journey of self-discovery it is an amazing time.

Being part of who we truly are without being worried about tomorrow. Like a pearl we are going to grow and take on different shapes and colors. But our spirit will always guide us if we are willing to let us lead our lives.

We are the magician, the alchemist…. we can transform our lives for the better.