We are the masters of our lives

Being by the water I can dig my toes into the ocean. The ocean looks like heaven, I am happy to be in the place where I can finally be in synch with the universe. I am weightless when I am in a state of illation. I can see the beauty of the universe.

I am whole again being present in my life. Enjoying each and every moment I am here, there is nothing more powerful then transporting myself into a place of peace and beauty. I wished you were here with me in my meditation.

Seeing how the world is beautiful and in harmony. Being able to transcend our lives and being at the forefront of our own dreams. We are living a life of a thousand, we can move ourselves into a place of harmony if we are changing our thoughts patterns.

By doing meditation we can learn to shift our outer condition. Pushing ourselves to become the better part of us. Inspiring our next experience to become the most powerful by going through transformation. We have so much more to offer when we are learning to tap into the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer.

We are the wonders, the beauty, we are the magician that can create the miracles in our lives. We have what it takes in us to become the alchemist. We can learn to course correct our path, becoming the most brilliant minds we can be.

Taking back our own power, becoming grounded. Our spirit is sitting in the driver ‘s seat guiding us in our journey of transformation. We are the master painter that will bright our days, becoming the healers and peace makers.

We have the right to be happy, loved and at peace. We can reach our boldest dreams if we are willing to go into the unknown.