The adventure of the pups

As the colder weather is settling so are the changes for the walks with the pups. Mac who doesn’t like cold, snow, or rain and this is just the top of his list. We are adjusting to the ever changes of mother nature. Shortening our walks Has only brought more race and madness in the house.

Adding a little naughtiness by making them run like mad cows while laughing hysterically can add a little spice to my days. We have to find some entertainment as we are going through the winter season. Must have to cope with them.

As I always say there is not a dull moment with both of them. Miss Dottie has learned to settle a little but still her extreme attachment to me is very interesting to see when I am going from one room to another. She would bolt to see where I am then going back to the living room.

When people are coming to visit, we cannot help but laugh at both of them.  How excited both are to the point where Miss Dottie has to start her own conversation with the guests. She would not accept anyone that will not look at her.

They have learned to be social by interacting with other dogs and humans, even though I kept the house with minimum visitors for the first year of their lives so they could adjust to their new lives. They are learning having people coming in the house. We are learning to continue to grow and settle in our lives. Ready for the next adventure!

We are winding down as both of them are sleeping right now, one on the ottoman the other one glued to my hip. Guess who is near me??? Miss Dot, if she could permanently attach herself to me, she would be the happiest dog in the world.

We are in a wonderful place with my little furry family, ready to embrace the next experience that is waiting right around the corner.