A world of opportunity

The most challenging part in our lives is to stay grounded. From a full moon, to mercury retrograde, we are all being impacted in one way or another. Being aware of our own moods and energies helps us to not only keep ourselves in equilibrium but also slowing ourselves down.

Not feeling we are going down the rabbit hole the outer conditions are trying to make us spin into it. It is a daily battle at times to find the right flow of peace to stay on. This world is an ever changing and transforming one.

We can feel overwhelmed when we are in the middle of our own transformation. We might be surprised that the universe is going to throw us some unexpected twists and turns that we are not prepared for or even realizing right away some of our deepest wishes are coming true.

When we are taken by surprise it might be scary at first…. then the infamous question comes along “what am going to do with that”? I was not expected to find Mr or Ms right now. I cannot believe I have an opportunity of a lifetime at my door. What I am going to do? Should I stay no or should I say yes?

It is amazing when we are in these kinds of situations what we are going to do. Are we listening to the whisper of our spirit and said yes or are we realizing this is coming from the universe and it is a great omen and opportunity to not ignore?

We always have a choice, we can say yes or no, we still have our own free will. When we take the time to ground ourselves and feel something is about to change for the better why not take that leap of faith and go for it?