The first snow with the pups

It feels like the world is upside down, we are having some snow again which means we are going to have a white and long winter ahead of us. I am sure the pups are going to be over the moon seeing so much snow coming.

Our early walks are becoming interesting. I have to battle with Mac to not take his baby outside since he likes to drop it on the ground. With the snow Mac is not having it so Mama has to take it, shake it, and give it back to him and than he would drop it again refusing to carry it because it is now full of snow and getting colder.

After a few rounds of his tantrums we have to deal with Miss Dot who is on the hunt. Smelling and tracking rabbits, coyotes and other critters that have used the trail we are using. You have to be awake to make sure both of them are not going off the trail.

To add to this the top of It is ice and you could have a challenging walk. Again, keeping both of them focused can be challenging especially when Mac wants to bolt because he does not want to walk on the ice or snow. He has to be reminded that even though he is closer to the ground Mama is not and does not want to meet the ground either.

But the booties will be in order for our next walk. This will be fun for me to not only have them wearing them but also watching them taking their first snow steps. It is quite funny to watch Dottie doing her first steps until she gets in the groove.

Walking with them on the trails with their booties sounds like two horses walking. It is quite nice also to see them realizing they can run without having to deal with the ice on their paws. It is never a dull moment in my household.