More fun with the pups

Another crazy day with the pups, it feels like snow is in the air again. Mac has been running like a mad cow and Miss Dottie is a sneaky little lady.

When you think for a minute those two-little bundles of joy would quiet down, you are being fooled by them. The day started well, both of them were In their own mode. But as the day progressed so did their madness.

As the weather started to look gloomy those two little pups decided to become more hyper. From seeing the wild turkey running for its’ life to Miss Dottie ready to chase it, and Mac just having another fit with his baby toy.

It was priceless to walk with them, their energies started to overrun the house. To make matters even worst, I went to visit a neighbor and took them along. As soon as we left the house, I told them we are going to visit Joyce.

Dottie was leading the pack to go straight to Joyce’s place. Mac dropped his baby at the front door and both of them proceeded to run up the stairs at the speed of light. From there it became a circus, when Joyce opened the door both of them bolted into the kitchen where she was.

They were just over the moon, knowing Joyce had some treats. After that the race started, Mac was running all over the place. I had to call them both several times to try to calm them down. It was a full-blown circus. I couldn’t believe those two where so hyper, we were looking at each other laughing while I was trying to ground both of them.

This lasted about 2 hours, when it was time for us to leave, they got another treat from Joyce. We went back home where Miss Dot decided to play a Houdini on me. She sneaked out of the home into the hallway until I heard her barking realizing the house was way too quiet.

I got her back inside and was able to get both of them to quiet down. What a day…another day in paradise with two crazy pups that will never stop to amazed me.