The sky is the limit

Feeling the love in our hearts keeps us connected with the universe. We are a story in motion. Often, we do not realize we are changing and evolving at our own pace.

We need to remind ourselves we are not racing but walking and learning as we continue to grow and mature. We are not and should not think we are all against each other.

When you break the illusional concept of “me vs the world” you are finally learning to connect and be who you are meant to become. When you leave behind you the world of the ego this can truly happen. 

You are freeing yourselves from the box you have been put in. Instead you are learning to evolved and become the best part of you. We are living in the world that thinks the rat race is the way to go.

When you are stepping outside of that circus that is not yours, you are finally becoming the trailblazer you are meant to become. We are living in a world that is full of magic.

Learning to co-create, becoming who we are ready to become. Spending our time to enjoy and not worrying of what others think about us. We are the magical spirit that can transforms our lives.

Amazingly, when we are learning to become our own spirit, this is when our lives are transforming. Learning to know our own self, becoming the independent spirit we are.

Challenging the world of the ego while walking on our own path. We are the inspiration that will trigger the changes we need for a better life. Often, we are undermining ourselves by cutting ourselves short when it comes down to living our dreams.

Not allowing us to believe everything is possible if we put our minds into it. We have so much more to receive when we are understanding the sky is the limit.