The story of the blue bird

A few years ago when I was working for a manufacturing company that owned a sister company which organized and promoted a major convention featuring our products and similar products and accessories from other companies, it was decided each company would make a challenge video to show at the convention but only one would be chosen to be viewed.  Working in the sister company was a woman, short in stature but very well developed who liked to walk very quickly and almost military like when going to and from other people’s offices. She especially liked walking past the offices of male personal even if they were not on her route. She was attractive, single, and liked to dress so she was noticed.

While I was going about my everyday business, out of the corner of my eye, in the hallway, I saw something in blue moving very quickly past my office…it was wearing a large blue oversized hat, blue T shirt and Blue pants. I was startled by it as it flew by so quickly. I started to smile, then to giggle and finally broke into uncontrollable Laugher. It was the “single” woman rushing to get into the video that was being made, and I believe she felt she would be the center of attention because of her outfit.

The vision was so hysterical I had to rush to the office of the Grande duchess to see if she, by any chance, had seen the “Blue Bird” vision going by. The Duchess jumped up and walked out into the hall to see what this hysterical vision was she had missed. After looking down the hall, she too, came upon the “Blue Bird” sashaying down the hallways. She then made a reference about the “Blue Bird” when she came to my office and we were laughing so hard and crying simultaneously for about 10 minutes. We and our naughty spirit where just enjoying it.

It definitely made out our day! We had no idea what the outfit was indicative of, but we had a great laugh, and it was a personal private happening between us. After the Duchess left for home, I went online and printed off a picture of a Blue Bird and stuck it on her office window. When she came into work the next morning and saw the Blue Bird, we again repeated our sophomoric behavior. We did have a lot of fun and laughs. So now, “Miss Available” became “the bird”.

Incidentally, the final challenge video cut the bright blue outfit, and for the best!!

Sometimes you just have to be there to enjoy moments like these….