The saga of the pups

So today is another day for the pups at daycare. As I am wrapping up the flooring, I decided to send these little buggers to doggy daycare again. Finding some peace and quiet to navigate the house without having Miss Dottie following me like my own shadow.

One more word they now understand is “doggy daycare”, I barely woke up this morning and told them that. Mac went crazy! Ready to go now! He went and picked up his baby running for the door. Miss Dottie, was instead, glued to my hip.

But when the time came to go for our normal walk, I took the car keys and showed them to both of them. It felt like Christmas time at the North Pole.  Both of them went crazy. Mac was running around like a chicken without a head.

Miss Dottie was overly excited, I was laughing. I could barely open the door. They ran down the stairs at the speed of light going straight to the garage. They were so funny to watch when jumping into the car, Mac taking his seat behind the front passenger while Miss Dot was sitting between both front seats waiting for the car to start.

As I was driving to the daycare, Miss Dot was focused on watching everything around us. It was funny to let them out of the car. They were so overly excited to be at the daycare I had to restrain them inside so they would not bolt at the door.

As I checked on them during the day, I could see Miss Dottie hanging with bigger dogs and having a blast while Mac was roaming around laid back. They were the only ones left in the pen when I came to pick them up.

They looked exhausted and now they are crashing quietly on the ottoman. I am looking forward to sending them back to daycare tomorrow. They are going to be exhausted by this weekend, but it is worth it.