Finding true love

The challenge to want to be love is sometimes we are going to attract someone that is not for our highest good. When we are ignoring the signs that telling us we are on the wrong path with that relationship. Instead of going on the wrong path, it is best to hold on and keep ourselves in check, so we do not try to enter a dumbed relationship.

By doing so you are starting to learn who you are, but also what you like or do not like. Becoming aware of our own spirit and what is for our highest good. You are learning to let the universe guide you to find love.

You are not trying to chase after an illusional mate instead you are minding your own business. When you have perfect synchronicity things will be happening in an amazing way. Out of the blue you might meet someone one that wasn’t planned or intentional. It might be at work or in a personal setting…. something that wasn’t expected.

It might also surprise you when you are letting the universe guide you. It might not be the person you usually date or even what you would expect. But you could be surprised when you go with the flow letting things unfold and everything will be OK.

Amazingly, when you are doing that you are not going to rush, instead you are going to start to discover who that person is. But foremost seeing that person for who they truly are. In a wonderful turn of events you are going to find yourself happier and feeling whole.

When you are leaving behind your pre-concepts of what your mate would look like, you will realize the universe will bring the right one for you. This is where the true love story starts.