We got to lose it

Wondering if the world we are living in would ever change to let the love and peace come into our heart. Feeling violence and discords all around us, not feeling we belong to a world that helps us to get our spirit elevated.

We might feel resentful for missing out on opportunities that came to our doors, but we were too afraid to step into the unknown. Feeling it would be too scary, too crazy to even think for a minute we could finally live our dreams to the fullest.

When we let our ego dictate our lives, we are doing everything to sabotage our happy ending. We do not listen to the signs that are all around us. To finally rise like the phoenix from our own ashes, to finally become the beautiful light we are meant to become.

Walking into our life’s purpose, embracing every single part of our own being. Feeling the love of the universe by co-creating. Welcoming our spirit by knowing we are someone, not the shadow of our own ego but the beautiful light that will make the changes to our outer condition.

We have so much more inspiration when we are finally breaking the glass ceiling of our own illusional world that we have been living in. Realizing we are the magician of our own lives; we are the wonders of the world that can bring peace into our heart.

Keeping ourselves whole and sacred, learning to respect ourselves. Listening to what is good for us and walking away from toxic people and situations. Becoming the beautiful self, we are meant to become. Learning to nurture our own self.

Finally putting a smile on our face knowing we are on the right path and the universe has our back. We are not alone in this journey nor do we have to compromise our spirit to get what we wish for.