Being independent

Being someone who has learned at a young age to rely on myself to do everything from cooking to repairing the toilets. I always learned to not lean on people, especially when they are promising you that they would help but are unable to do so.

Or being at the mercy of someone’s schedule to get things done. It is also a learning curb to not get upset when things are not turning the way they should. Learning to be patient is an ongoing process, when you are independent it is difficult to let others into our routine.

From helping to shovel the snow to fixing something in the house. We have our own timing and most of the time that doesn’t match anyone else’s schedule. We have to learn to be mindful and learn to be flexible. It can be challenging to always feel we are dependent on others.

But in some cases, we are going to learn to become more open and flexible even if we have to learn to hold our tongue. For example, if your mate was supposed to be shopping with you at a store to purchase some furniture but somehow he forgot, and you end up managing to load your car with the items,  then drag the boxes up the stairs into your house.

While you are fuming lifting those heavy boxes, you are feeling you cannot count on anyone. As time passes you are starting to realize that flexibility is not part of your nature. Feeling the support of others is helpful especially when they are coming in due time just not in your time.  And remember, we all have the same amount of time.

Sometimes we have to learn to let go of our own expectations and resort to plan B which often is us doing our own things. I had to resolved to plan B quite often when help that was supposed to be coming did now show up.

But when you are becoming in tune with the universe help will always come and sometimes in an unexpected way. I learned to always ask the universe for help even though I have seen people making promises they never kept.