Finding the path

Finding peace in our lives starts by making peace in our heart. As we are moving forwards in our lives, we cannot transform ourselves if we are still holding onto old patterns.

We are able to gain back our powers when we are willing to cut the cords of toxic relationships and unhealthy situations. We are able to heal our wounds not feeling we are the victims of circumstances but instead realizing we had to go through it to learn something.

To grow and become the better part of us. It doesn’t mean our lives are going to be all roses and champagne, but it might be time when we are going to take a leap of faith and go into the unknown.

Our journey of transformation is like a butterfly in its chrysalis it is going to requires letting go of whatever is not for our highest good. We might feel uncomfortable at times but at the end the transformation is going to be amazing.

Becoming who we are meant to become. We have an opportunity to create a world of peace and love. Having abundancies in our lives, feeling whole and grounded. We are the better part of ourselves when we are living our lives to the fullest.

We are the co-creator, with our own freewill we are able to transform our lives for the better. We are open to create our next experience, a world of wonders. We have the capabilities to tapped into the infinite world of opportunities.

We are the magician in our own lives.  We have what it takes to create our heart’s desire. We do not need to continue to live a life that is not ours. We can finally course correct our journey. Knowingly it is just the beginning of the adventure of our life.