Becoming our own self

Trying to stay focused on our life when we are navigating the raging river that is our lives, can be challenging. In times of uncertainty we have to learn to rely on our spirit. Learning to lean on the universe to guide us while we are not being able to see the end of the tunnel.

Our lives are an open book that can be rewritten at any given time. We can make amends for our wrongs; we can course correct our path. We can open our heart to let our spirit be free. We are the magician, the master painter. We can decide whatever we are playing in our minds will come to fruition.

This is why it is so important for us to listen to the broken record that is currently playing. When we learn to refocus our mind on positive happy endings, we are reshaping our outer condition; we are improving our lives. We are shifting for the better, learning to co-create with the universe.

Believing in ourselves, expending our skill sets. Learning to go with the flow the universe has for us to move on in our lives. We are not our outer condition; everything is temporarily even from a crazy life event that might reshape us.

To falling in love with our mates, our lives, our spirit. Too often we are forgetting ourselves when we are on the quest of our life purpose. When we are taking the time to take care of our own self, we are learning to know who we truly are.

We are becoming the better part of us; we are embracing the better part of us. Giving us an opportunity to finally become the alchemist in our own life. It is time for all of us to name and claimed our own dreams. We are meant to learn, to have a human experience while becoming our own spirit.