Opening our lives to changes

We are the star of our own lives; we are living our lives to the fullest. We are the co-creators; we are the rising phoenix. We are beauty and grace; nothing will ever prepare us for the journey we are going to take.

As children we have our own dreams, we can transport ourselves to another dimension. Learning to materialize the life we always wanted. We are the gift that keeps on given when we are opening our hearts and letting our spirit free.

When we are becoming a story in motion, we are learning to navigate the journey we are undertaking. As part of the world we are an important piece on the chessboard that is our lives? Becoming a trailblazer is to become the leader in our own life.

Experiencing a new phase in our lives is to be willing to go into uncharted territory. We can finally release the past and let go by getting our powers back. We are the magician the believer in our own path.

Having lived a thousand lives, we are shaping our own spirit. learning to peel one layer at a time. We are the leader in our lives. We should listen to our spirit for guidance. We have our own ideas on what we would like to experience next.

While we can shape our own destiny working with the universe to co-create it would be an inspiring journey. Creating a new world around us takes a lot of courage to walk into the unknown. We have so much more to offer when we are open to let the universe into our lives.

Realizing they know better than we do with the opportunity for us to have a bird’s eyes view on our situation. By letting the universe guide us we can finally feel we are not alone in our lives.