My own inspiration Part 2

Music does inspire me a lot it has a nice way of elevating my energies. Sometimes I need some type of inspiration to write or at least connect with the universe to share some of its messages.

I have found listening to music does the trick. I get a faster connection with the divine. Being able to catch the flow and ride the wave to write my blogs. Sharing the wisdom of the universe.

It has been an amazing experience to be able to do that. It is a humbling experience knowingly people around me never thought I would be doing that. By taking the first step into the unknown I have opened the door to infinite possibilities.

From writing my first blog to collaborate on two books and a monthly magazine. I would not have foreseen that but instead I took It a day at a time and went where perfect synchronicity paved the way.

Being part of the universe collective, I have learned to become flexible and take a leap of faith on everything I have done. I have been awakened by the world of magic. Learning to go with the flow, having faith when I am on the front of my white canvas that is my life. I am creating a beautiful experience to come.

Learning to ground myself and open the connection to the universe. It always amazes me when I see the universe inspiring me to write. Knowing those messages are for everyone including myself.

It has been a healing experience to open up and share my story. It also helps to connect with people, sharing an experience that might help someone. Giving hope when we are feeling trapped.

We are all spirits having a human experience, learning to balance each side is challenging enough. Having a support system to encourage us to continue our journey. We are the rising phoenix learning from each and every experience.