Crazy weather

I love the new moon rising when you can feel the new energy in the air. Like the two crazy pups, Miss Dot and Mac are also being influenced by it. From having another tantrum with his baby toy. Throwing it to the ground and walking away to starting to bolt on a lead, lucky for me I have the strength to refrain him.

It has been a crazy day! From Miss Dottie, who had another anxiety attack while I was gone but this time, she got ahold of the runner light I am using at night for them. By the time I came back home she had severed the power cable and started to chew on one of the straps. I wasn’t pleased but I could not fix the power cable.

It has been a crazy day; the wind is becoming wilder so are the energies. I can feel the energy rising, a new sense of renewal is approaching quickly.

Feeling the energy of freedom at my fingertips I am ready to continue to co-create. I am in harmony with the universe. I can feel perfect synchronicity in my footsteps.

I am ready to move on in my next experience. We have so much more to accomplished when we are staying centered and whole. It takes a lot of practice to master our own path.

This is why we are living a life of thousand, learning to reinvent ourselves. Becoming our own alchemist, able to transcend to a new phase in our lives. We are the rising stars lighting our path for others to see.

Infusing our lives with new energies and love, learning to overcome our own obstacles but also balancing our lives. Learning to become our own self is finally to embrace who we truly are. Keeping our mind open to receiving the bounties the universe has to share with us