Transporting ourselves to a better place

Make me dreams, let my imagination transporting me to a world of beauty and wonders. Creating the prefect flow in harmony with the universe. Letting my spirit inspire me to become the better part of me.

Unleashing the alchemist within me, being ready to embrace the creative side of me. Becoming one with the universe, to finally open the doors to infinite possibilities.

Starting to co-create with the universe, letting perfect synchronicity into my life. Like a lead dancer guiding me along the dance floor. I had to move as one with him, we are in unison. As we are moving in harmony, I let synchronicity guide me in my journey.

Having faith everything will come to fruition but also being safe during the time of changes. It is amazing when you hop on the flow of the universe, feeling the power of love.

It is a beautiful journey from the beginning to end, going through the process of transformation. We are amazed to see miracles happening in our lives. Being inspired to reach the sky, touching the stars to finally open our heart to be whole again.

As we are being moved to a flow of perfect synchronicity we are becoming in tune with our own inner power. Our beautiful spirit that will guide us to a safe journey, learning to transform and transmute our energies to materialize our wildest dream.

Becoming bold in our lives, is to let our imagination be free. Learning what freedom truly means. As we are living our lives to the fullest, we are finally becoming the alchemist in our lives.

We are limitless when we are opening our heart and let our spirit free. We can finally reach our higher power and co-create a world of magic. Becoming the magician that will transform our life for the better.