Another day another madness with the pups

I am going to make it official every other blog is going to be about the pups. Those crazy pups of mine, as the weather is changing the new moon is rising, they are becoming more out of control. Like children they are going crazy and turning me more crazy!!!

This morning on our first walk I saw another of my neighbor as we start to speak Mac dropped his baby and started to tear it apart while Miss Dot, out of the blue, did a vertical jump which was over 5.9 feet  (my height) near a wall. With no effort, just like that, we both looked at each other surprised but also amazed she could do a vertical jump.

I still have no idea what triggered her to do that at all. But I thought after we resumed our walk, I might want to find a K9 unit training near me and have her start going to them just to see how she would do with the K9 unit.

This girl of mine is an amazing dog who surprises me a lot. She is smart, a great observer that can pick up on everything I am doing. But she has another side which is her stubbornness and anxiety where she wants to be attached to my hip. These are issues.

She is capable of going to great destruction if she doesn’t see me. She has to check on me to see where I am. She has tried to fuse herself with me when we are sleeping, so much so, that I have to move her otherwise I would end up on the floor.

As the weather is changing, so is the crazy and quirky madness of those two pups. Between attitude adjustment with Mac not having it with his baby. Which I must say is quite funny to watch. I have never witnessed a dog having a tantrum that is so comical to watch.

We are not living a boring life here; I am wondering what is going to happened next.