A time of reflection

As the weekend is approaching, I think we are going to get our first snow. This may be the reason those little ones are going crazy. Knowing it is going to be their first snow it should be fun to watch them.

The most enjoying part is finally being present in my life. Spending years running around like a mad woman to get everything done. I did not acknowledge nor appreciation what I had done nor even time to savor a moment of peace.

For the past few years, the universe has been slowing me down. Even though I fought back I had to learn to go at a different pace. So now I could actually enjoy what is happening around me.

Noticing the simple changes of the leaves to scars on Mac’s legs from his early beginnings in life. It has been an amazing journey full of uphill battles, but it is worth every moment of it.

As I am looking at Miss Dot who decided to glue herself to my hip and fall asleep, I am humble after a year of hard work to finally see those two pups becoming their true selves.

We all have our own path, our own journey. As we are growing and transforming ourselves, we are learning to shift our priorities. As I am moving forward in my life, I have learned to let go of what is not necessary by cleaning up my own garden.

Learning to mind my own business has been a labor of love. Focusing on my dreams, nurturing and cleaning up the negative thoughts that might arise from time to time.

This has taken a lot of time, but it has been worth it. Seeing the fruit of our labors realizing we are not alone in our journey. Being surrounded by the universe to help us on our path.