The crazy pups

Watching the pups today is a blessing, it feels like the new moon is absolutely influencing them. From Mac, having a tantrum at 6:00 AM during his walk refusing to carry his baby. Instead he decided to drop it on the floor making sure I understood he wasn’t having it.

I had to carry his baby the entire walk until we finally reached home, then Mac picked up is baby from my pocket very delicately and ran upstairs. During our walk Miss Dottie was on a hunt to find the coyotes that have been roaming our neighborhoods.

Taking more walks today has been even more interesting. From stopping to visit Joyce at her home where the pups were racing to go upstairs and visit with her. While we were talking Mac started to run around like a mad cow. As he was racing all around us, Dottie decided to join the fun.

But this time they decided to play peekaboo, racing on each side of the couch. It was priceless. While Mac was trying to get Dottie to chase after him, she decided to walk slowly behind the couch. Listening closely to Mac’s steps, while Mac was wondering why she wasn’t chasing after him.

It was priceless and we had a great time laughing while watching them just acting up. After the visit we decided to finish our walk before they went to have their “din din“.

What a crazy day! The fall weather is now settling in with beautiful crisp fresh air and a striking blue sky.

We are reminded winter is not far away ready to cover the ground with its white coat. It will be their second winter; I am expecting more craziness from them. I will make sure to record the first snow for sure.

There are definitely no dull moments with them!