The adventure of the pups

I should start a twitter account for the pups. It should be called “The Adventures of the Pups”. As I am in the middle of removing the flooring at home, I found it would be safer for them today to go to doggy daycare.

Not only for them but also for us to be able to work without being interrupted by those two little troublemakers. From Mac’s latest skill set which is to wander around checking what he could loot.

I would say in less than a week I have discovered he had that skill set, I might need to train him to only take cash and see if I can send him to the bank for him to sneak behind the counter and help himself.. You never know he might become a successful papillon!!

Since I was busy doing the remodeling, I could not spy on them at all. But when we came back home, I knew it was going to be a shocker for them since the living room flooring was gone.

Both were so happy to see their mama picking them up. Mac took his seat right behind me which is funny to see him sitting so straight.  He was so cute while Miss Dot was next to him.   

The ride home was pleasant, I had to move a box in the garage to park the car while I came back, they were still sitting straight in the car just waiting for me. It was picture perfect.

They run back upstairs waiting, all excited, for their mama to open the door. Mac run straight and started to realize something was missing. He then proceeded to run upstairs than back again downstairs.

It was hilarious to see him all excited about the changes. While Miss Dot started to freak out and began getting anxious about the changes. It was a fun moment. A few hours later they are both crashing on the couch while I am writing this blog. Tomorrow is a brand-new day and guess what????? They are going back to doggy daycare.