Breaking the glass ceiling

A lot of people are feeling trapped where they are not understanding why they are feeling this way. When they are breaking the glass ceiling they are finally discovering a new path for them to walk on.

You can see their spirit shining brightly. We need to become brave and learn we can expand our wings to become who we are meant to become. Nothing should ever stop us from living our dreams. Becoming the better part of us.

If we are not taking the next bold move in our lives, we are going to stay where we are. Often, we wished for a better life. A life of magic and beauty will only come to us when we are connecting with the universe.

Listening to our spirit to inspire us, to live an extraordinary life. A life where we have learned to lean on the universe to overcome our obstacles. Opening our heart to let our spirit free, guiding us to an adventure of a lifetime.

We have so many skill sets that are hiding that we might not even realized if we are not going into the unknown and discovering them. It’s like a treasure hunt, we have the map of our life in our hands, but we must learn to use our spirit to navigate that map.

Learning what kind of skills, we have is only unveiling when we are actually facing the adventure of a lifetime. It is amazing to realize we are able to do that, it gives us the confidence we need to continue on our journey.

We might not be understood by everyone but when we are surrounded by our circle of light, we are becoming whole and grounded. Having faith, we are not that crazy or out of touch with the world. creating a world of magic requires us to learn to balance our human side with our spirit.