A trip to memory land

Ah, the good all days, when smartphones did not exist. When laptops were not invented yet. Those were the days when you could run free. Not feeling someone watching you at every corner. It was a time of insouciance the world of madness was far way. Social media was not present, life was slower, and we were present in our lives.

I had some good times daydreaming of a fantasy world where I felt the universe by my side. It is nice when you have been able to see how life has evolved, to once in a while step back in memory lane for a moment.

Enjoying how much madness I had created and thanking God that nothing was recorded for posterity, otherwise I would have been in big trouble. It was a time of being carefree. Feeling we could become anything we wanted.

Watching the universe working at a slower pace, but also feeling not at the right place. Living in the world I never belong in. Finding the inspiration to continue to dream big. Not dealing with the world of the ego.

Instead, filling my heart with the magic of the universe. I have done so much in my life, from reinventing myself to becoming the warrior in an extraordinaire life. Pushing the limits that were imposed on me and finally breaking free.

It is inspirational when you finally discover how much you can overcome and keep an open heart. Maintaining our kindness and love in a world that might be harsh and unforgiving but creating that magic that will appease our hearts.

It is always amazing to see our field of dreams becoming the most beautiful garden, full of dreams ready to be harvested. Never giving up on our dreams but instead cherishing them to finally become our own beautiful phoenix