My own evolution

I am part of the world; I am a student of life, living a human experience. Becoming my spirit, I can push myself beyond any limits the ego world is trying to confine me in. 

I am a citizen of the world; I have no country, but the universe is my playground. I am part of a collective experience. I am letting my inspiration guide me in my journey.

My home is where I am, my home is in my heart and in my core. No one can define who I have become. I let my dreams become reality, learning to navigate from one experience to another.

I have learned to navigate a world of indifference to become the better part of my own self. I have leaned on the universe to shift the course of my life. I have not taken anyone prisoner.

I have freed myself from the burden of a world of negativity. I have become peaceful by learning to let go of the past. I have risen above the negativity that surrounded me.

I have learned to create a world of peace in my heart and mind. I have never given up on myself. I have inspired myself by continuing to learn every day. Challenging myself to discover my hidden skills.

Learning to push the boundaries of learning to infuse my mind with solutions. Keeping my energy elevated, rising above the illusional world of the ego. Feeling the love of the universe in my heart.

Becoming the better part of myself by finally opening my heart and letting my spirit free. Nothing will ever be the same when you are willing to take a leap of faith and take the first step into the unknown.

The transformation is amazing, I am happy and at peace now that I have learned who I truly am.