My little pups

As I am switching to YouTube on my TV, I decided to listen to one of favorite artist Soprano. After a long day I am now enjoying a quiet moment. While Mac is sleeping between my legs and Miss Dottie her head on my leg.

I have to find a way to place my laptop on my lap. Using one of my legs and Mac’s shoulder I can finally position myself so my back doesn’t hurt. Those two little buggers are having way too much room in my world.

The weather is warm, and pups are a little crazy right now. Asking to go outside every hour when in fact they just want to see the squirrels. But also, Miss Dottie has been looking outside to see if she could find the wild turkey that has been camping in our yard.

This little smart lady, every time she spots the turkey, she goes crazy trying to get out so she can chase it. I got tricked a couple of time until I realized what she was up to.

But again, they are protected species even though they would come and eat our plants. Having Dottie using her own signals to get taken outside because she knows she wants to get the turkey, is quite interesting.

She has learned a few tricks on her own. But so has Mac, from sleeping between my legs when I am on my laptop, because he doesn’t want me to spend my time online or working, he wants me just to be with him.

He has learned a few things in a passive aggressive way, is quite funny actually. He has such a sweet way to get his own way. I have watched him tricking Dot to give up a toy by coming near me so she would do the same.

He is a smart boy with a gentle but sneaky demeanor, they are both funny and well matched. Animals bring love.